Best Sellers - Fiction Hardcover

1.The Maintenance Man II by Michael Baisden

2.Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by J D Mason

3.If I Can't Have You by Mary B Morrison

4.The Cutting Season by Attica Locke 

5.The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln by Stephen L Carter


Best Sellers - Non-Fiction Hardcover

1.Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story by Wyclef Jean and Anthony Bozza

2.Finally Free by Michael Vick and Tony Dungy

3.A Father First by Dwayne Wade

4.The Truth About Men by Ian Smith

5.The Courage of Hope by Shirley Sherrod


Best Sellers - Fiction Paperback

1.Divine Intervention by Lutishia Lovely

2.Animal by Kwan

3.Murderville 2: The Epidemic by Ashley & JaQuavis

4.Falling into Grace by Michelle Stimpson

5.My Destiny by Adrianne Byrd


Best Sellers - Non-Fiction Paperback

1.The Wealth Cure by Hill Harper

2.The Fastest Man Alive: The True Story of Usain Bolt by Usain Bolt

3.dfree: Breaking Free from Financial Slavery by DeForest B Soaries

4.The Illegal War on Libya by Cynthia McKinney

5.Slaves with Swag by Daryl T Hinmon


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Honoring the Life & Legacy of Dr. Myles Munroe

Endangered Masculinity: The Spiritual and Cultural Erosion of Manhood (Paperback)
By Myles Munroe
 The Power of Character in Leadership (Hardcover)
By Myles Munroe
Reclaiming God's Original Purpose for Your Life: God's Big Idea Expanded Edition (Paperback)
By Myles Munroe
Understanding Your Place in God's Kingdom: Your Original Purpose for Existence (Paperback)
By Myles Munroe