Dr. Booker T. Coleman presenter for 2013 SunFest Lectures - June 1st

06/01/2013 6:31 pm
Sunfest Lectures is an annual Lecture for the bringing forth the new day with information that will  build our brain, expand our mind,  increase our ability to reason and inspire self renewal which guides positive and productive action towards strengthening the family.  Sunfest lecturer is a committee selected, prominent scholar in their area of discipline that have the wisdom and knowledge to connect to the community.  2013 Sunfest Lecturer is Dr. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene (Booker T Coleman)
Dr. Coleman (Kamene) studied under the tutelage of Dr. John Henrik Clark and Chancellor Williams. Armed with the wealth of knowledge, Dr. Coleman continues to battle as a warrior in the struggle to really educate Afrikans in America. To those who remain dedicated to the plight of black people, Dr Coleman is considered a teacher of teachers that are determined to bring people out of mediocrity!  Booker T Coleman is highlighted in the best selling documentary Hidden Colors 1&2.  Please see the various locations where Dr. Coleman will be speaking. 
***Various SunFest Lecture Events***
Kush and Kemet, Dr. Coleman discusses how the great civilization of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) will remain a mystery until the people/land and its descendants of Kush [(Nubia(Sudan), Abyssinia(Ethiopia) and Puanit(Somalia)] are geographically and culturally enjoined/rejoined to the people/land of Kemet. This process of separation is called the "Beheading Africa".  For African people to come into true knowledge it is important to understand  the pyramid builders, the temple builders, the creator, God, creation of law and justice- maat, kephra - the process of becoming, the writers of the Shabaka stone, writers of the pyramid text, migrations and creation of African civilization.  It is said if Egypt is the mouth piece than inner Africa is the brain.  Let's learn! 
----6/1/2013 - Act of Change, 3200 Lancaster Road, Suite 623, Dallas, TX @ 3pm, cost $10 pre-sale and $15 at the door -------
The Science and History of the Moors, Booker T Coleman teaches the formation and creation of a nation.  To understand current conditions you need to understand 1492.  You cannot understand what happened in 1492 unless you understand the Crusades. In order to understand the Crusades you need to study the Moors.  The sequence of history deeply impacts the conditions of today. Coleman explores the work of Ivan Van Sertima and how the Moors are shown to affect not only European mathematics and map-making, agriculture and architecture, but their markets, their music and their machines. The ethnicity of the Moor is re-examined, as is his unique contribution, both as creator and conduit, to the first seminal phase of the industrial revolution.
----6/1/2013 - The Dock Bookshop, 6637 Meadowbrook Dr, Fort Worth, TX @ 7pm cost is $10 pre-sale $15 at the door----------
Olmec/ African Culture, Booker T Coleman discusses the Olmec presence in the Americas and their influence over western civilization.  Olmec colossal heads(1500 BC to 400 BC) were huge statues of heads made by the Olmecs, the earliest known civilization of Mexico. So far 17 have been discovered. Most were made between 1500 BC and 1000 BC, back in the time of Moses, Troy and King Tut. One of the most striking things about them is that they look like black people! Research have shown that the Olmecs came out of Nubia.
-----6/1/2013 - Sunfest Fort Worth, 2600 Cobb Park, @11am---Free Event and Sunfest Highlight-------

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The Dock Bookshop Celebrates 7 Years!

The Dock Bookshop Celebrates
7 Years of Service


May 1-3, 2015 

The Dock Bookshop



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Friday, May 1, 2015

Anniversary Reception & Author and Business Mixer


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All Book Club & Readers are invited to the Spring Book Club & Readers Round Up hosted by OBIBB Book Club with Special Guest Brian W. Smith.
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A Call to All Women & Girls:
Saving Our Girls

Saturday, April 18 


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Via live webcast, Minister Farrakhan will speak on critical issues facing Black women, teens and girls as they navigate in and through a society that views them through the lenses of White supremacy, Black inferiority and sexism."The way Black women are valued has to change. There are 64,000 missing Black women... 

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Decreasing the Racial Wealth Gap in America


Saturday, April 25   


The Dock Bookshop



African-American continue to fall further behind when it comes to wealth in America. A recent study by Brandeis University has concluded that homeownership is the primary cause for the racial wealth gap. This FREE event will cover topics such as Purchasing your first home this year and special guests.  

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Akili Youth Group Presents Math Matters

Saturday, April 25   


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Parents, youth advocates & youth groups bring your students out to meet Math Coach Wayne  Hodge and learn why math matters with fun & food! Also math tutoring is available. 

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