Sara Suten Seti

02/10/2013 5:00 pm


SARA SUTEN SETI is the commanding 7 STAR GENERAL of the BLACK POWER CARTEL (B.P.C.). General Seti is a second generation student & strict disciple of Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan & Dr. John Henrik Clarke.
Seti has 20 years of literary studies with 3 educational tours to Egypt/Kemet with Ashra Kewsi & 1 Educational tour to Mexico "Land of the Olmecs". With all that he learned, General Seti went into the Detroit Public School System as a Youth Program Corrdinator, an established the Alkebulanian Three Sixty Rites of Passage System (2000-2005) at Northern Model High. Over 200 students was initiated into Afrakan Manhood & Womanhood Rites under Seti in that 5 year spanned. In 2003 General Seti made his first pilgrimage to Egypt under Master Teacher Ashra Kewsi! General Seti went on to take 2 more trips in 2004-05 for a total of 3 years which after he was raised into the CRAFT OF TEHUTI. With all the talents that the General possessed, his first introduction to the world was through Youtube where Seti set the INTERNET BLACK POWER REVOLUTION ON FIRE with millions of hits!! In three years he went on to produce 40 dvd lectures and launch the BLACK POWER CARTEL website.
Seti takes his place on the front-lines of struggle for complete liberation of African people worldwide!!. 

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Fort Worth
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