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Love Is a Gamble But Still Try to Win:
The Poetic Soap Opera
By Paul Munson 
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"Love Is A Gamble But Still Try To Win" (The Poetic Soap Opera) is a very relatable book for all adult ages. This is in no way a book for children. I repeat, this book is not for children. This book puts light on different moments in different relationships. Some moments are crazy, and some seem to be perfect. Relationships don't always work the way you think they will and sometimes, they do. Either way, keep pressing your luck. Keep trying to win. This is the only way to ever have a chance at the jack pot of love.
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I Don't Have The Answers
But I Do Have Some Questions
by King Charles Smith
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There's nothing like watching or reading dialogues of opinions when it comes to love and relationships. Just when you think you know all of the answers to questions presented on the subject, you realize that you just don't have all of the answers.
Introducing New Author Kim Gbadebo
and her new book release THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL  
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