All Featured Books For Black History Month





All Featured Black History Books

Opal Lee and What It Means to Be Free: The True Story of the Grandmother of Juneteenth Cover Image
William Still and His Freedom Stories: The Father of the Underground Railroad Cover Image
I Am Enough Cover Image
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters Cover Image
I Promise Cover Image
The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver Cover Image
Shaking Things Up: 14 Young Women Who Changed the World Cover Image
Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea Cover Image
Bunheads Cover Image
Firebird Cover Image
Flying Free: How Bessie Coleman's Dreams Took Flight (A Sweet Blackberry Book) Cover Image
Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History (Vashti Harrison) Cover Image
Hair Love Cover Image
BOX: Henry Brown Mails Himself to Freedom Cover Image
The Undefeated Cover Image
Sulwe Cover Image
All Because You Matter Cover Image
The Day You Begin Cover Image
When Harriet Met Sojourner Cover Image
Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race Cover Image
My Name Is Truth: The Life of Sojourner Truth Cover Image
Frederick Douglass: The Lion Who Wrote History Cover Image
The People Remember Cover Image
Ophie’s Ghosts Cover Image
Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans Cover Image
Carter Reads the Newspaper Cover Image
The Glory of African Kings and Queens Cover Image
Yonder: A Novel Cover Image
Sisters in Arms: A Novel of the Daring Black Women Who Served During World War II Cover Image
Yellow Wife: A Novel Cover Image
Remembrance Cover Image
Conjure Women: A Novel Cover Image
Wild Rain: Women Who Dare Cover Image
The Kindest Lie: A Novel Cover Image
Zora Neale Hurston Boxed Set Cover Image
Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick: Stories from the Harlem Renaissance Cover Image
Their Eyes Were Watching God: A Novel Cover Image
Moses, Man of the Mountain Cover Image
Jonah's Gourd Vine: A Novel Cover Image
Mules and Men Cover Image
Mule Bone: A Comedy of Negro Life Cover Image
Yellow Wife: A Novel Cover Image
Conjure Women: A Novel Cover Image
A Partial Sun: The Tinsmith's Apprentice Series Cover Image
That Dazzling Sun : Book 2 in The Tinsmith's Apprentice series Cover Image
Born in Blackness: Africa, Africans, and the Making of the Modern World, 1471 to the Second World War Cover Image
The Black History Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained Cover Image
How the Word Is Passed: A Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America Cover Image
Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America, 1619-2019 Cover Image
The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay: Life in Medieval Africa Cover Image
Precolonial Black Africa Cover Image
Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race From 4500 B.C. To 2000 A.D. Cover Image
The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality Cover Image
Introduction To African Civilizations Cover Image
Africa: Mother of Western Civilization (African-American Heritage) Cover Image
Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization: Exploding the Myths Cover Image
Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery and the Rise of European Capitalism Cover Image
Black History 1619-2019: An Illustrated and Documented African-American History Cover Image
Three African-American Classics: Up from Slavery, the Souls of Black Folk and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (African American) Cover Image
No More Lies: The Myth and Reality of American History Cover Image

Reading LIst - #Justice4MarcusGarvey

Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey Cover Image
More Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey Volume III (Africana Modern Library #20) Cover Image
Garvey and Garveyism Cover Image
Negro with a Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey Cover Image
Marcus Garvey and the Vision of Africa Cover Image
Classical Black Nationalism: From the American Revolution to Marcus Garvey Cover Image
W. E. B. Du Bois, Race, and the City: The Philadelphia Negro and Its Legacy Cover Image
African American Political Thought, 1890-1930: Washington, Du Bois, Garvey and Randolph Cover Image
The Age of Garvey: How a Jamaican Activist Created a Mass Movement and Changed Global Black Politics (America in the World #18) Cover Image
From Garvey to Marley: Rastafari Theology (History of African-American Religions) Cover Image
Race First: The Ideological and Organizational Struggles of Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association Cover Image
Walter Rodney Speaks Cover Image
The Pan-African Connection: From Slavery to Garvey and Beyond Cover Image
Holding Aloft the Banner of Ethiopia: Caribbean Radicalism in Early-Twentieth Century America Cover Image
Afrikan-Centered Consciousness Versus the New World Order: Garveyism in the Age of Globalism Cover Image
Garvey's Last Soldier Cover Image
Black Power and the Garvey Movement Cover Image
Amy Ashwood Garvey: The Girl Who Found Her Voice Cover Image
Look For Me: A Snippet of The Life of Marcus Garvey Cover Image
Garvey's Choice Cover Image