Finding Peace Within: My Story of Truth and Triumph (Paperback)

Finding Peace Within: My Story of Truth and Triumph By Stephanie Strickland Cover Image

Finding Peace Within: My Story of Truth and Triumph (Paperback)


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How often do we stay in relationships that don't line up with the love we know we deserve? "All too often," says first time author, advocate and domestic abuse survivor, Stephanie Strickland. But even in the bleakest of situations, Strickland believes there is a way out, a way to get back to ourselves and a way to find the peace we need to, not only survive, but to heal and be made whole.

In her debut release Finding Peace Within, Dallas, Texas native Strickland, shares her gripping journey of love and abuse and her triumph over it all. She relives her struggles as a teenage mother, high school drop-out and survivor of domestic violence while fighting to find a better life for her and her sons. With some serious self-reflection, deep-rooted faith and a little mixed martial arts, Strickland breaks down the strongholds in her life and makes it through to the other side.

Today, Strickland is an advocate for women, and believes in sharing her story to reach others who may be living the life she now has peace from. She wants her readers to remove the masks they wear daily, causing them to hide their truth. In Finding Peace Within, Strickland teaches women how to break the cycle of insecurity and inspires us to fight for the life God has promised us by sharing our stories of overcoming with others.
Product Details ISBN: 9780578334257
ISBN-10: 0578334259
Publisher: Kekepania LLC
Publication Date: April 8th, 2022
Pages: 154
Language: English