Time Management Secrets for College Students: The Underground Playbook for Managing School, Work, and Fun (Paperback)

Time Management Secrets for College Students: The Underground Playbook for Managing School, Work, and Fun By Dennis Stemmle Cover Image

Time Management Secrets for College Students: The Underground Playbook for Managing School, Work, and Fun (Paperback)


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Ranked #14 "Best College Books Of All Time" - Book Authority 50 Best College Books of All Time. Featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc.

The Best Books For Students Heading To College This Fall- Forbes

"Thinking of my situation in college, I feel like giving up. After reading this book, I have faith in myself and my ability to receive my degree. I just need to adjust to this environment. This was such a great book and is a great resource for all college students." -Candice Young, a student at Coastal Carolina University."

This book spoke volumes to me. I needed this book at the beginning of the semester. The learning pyramid in college did change, and it took me a while to adjust. Phenomenal book overall." -Amber Jenerette, a student at Francis Marion University."

This is the playbook for how to make yourself successful in college. Time Management Secrets for College Students is useful, practical, and vital. Highly Recommended " -Dennis Coe, a student at the University of South Carolina."

"Every college student should read Time Management Secrets for Students I recommend this book to all my peers." -Grayson Lymon, a student at UCLA.

Master Time Manage Management and You Will Master College

Thirty percent of college freshman dropout after their first year And Surprisingly, only around half of the students who enroll in college end up graduating with a bachelor's degree The Fact is College is taking longer and longer to get through with Less than 60 percent of students who enter four-year schools finish within six years.

Your Student Doesn't Have to Be One of These Statistics

It's not their fault Students and Parents just don't realize the challenges faced in transitioning from high school to college. The skills students learned in high school don't transfer well to the unstructured college environment.

About The Author

I am Dennis Stemmle, college professor, bestselling author, parent of a college student, and founder of College Success Academy.

As a college professor, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, when it comes to student performance. I never knew how big our education problem was until my son became one of those dreaded statistics mentioned earlier. As a top-performing high school student, he got into all his desired colleges, and we just never were worried about him performing well.

However, his excitement from his college acceptances, the prospects of moving out of the house, and his embracing his independence, quickly led to frustration, stress, and surprise struggles. After his first semester, our straight-A high school student found himself on academic probation. That's when I knew I had to figure out why millions of top high school seniors struggle to succeed in college.

I spent months talking to students, looking for similarities, trends, and kernels of knowledge that could help me understand the challenges and issues faced by students transiting from high school to college. I evaluated all the challenges and struggles faced by these students and realized that time management was a common underpinning.

My son used this information in this book to go from academic probation to Dean's List the very next semester (3.9 GPA). I knew I was on to something and I needed to share this knowledge with as many incoming college freshmen as possible.

As a result, Time Management Secrets for College Students was born. Inside the pages of this book, are valuable insights for students to learn how to schedule their time efficiently, how to stop procrastinating, and how to manage their studies, work, and their personal life.

More Praise

"As a student-athlete, this book is my new bible Super helpful to not just student-athletes but every college student. Great read " -Jessica Fyock, a student at West Chester University.

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Publication Date: May 20th, 2019
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