All That Matters (Paperback)

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All That Matters (Paperback)


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Jaslyn Davenport is doing her best to get over her ex-boyfriend, Sampson Tate. However, he is hard to forget, especially when Sampson seems to show up everywhere she turns After one night of passion, Jaslyn must decide if a relationship with Sam is worth the fight, or should she move on to build a life without him, even if it means keeping a secret that will change her forever?

Sampson has enough to worry about. His two best friends and his brother have moved in with him-one can't seem to bounce back from getting fired, one is being stalked by a church groupie, and the other faces a shocking accusation that threatens his marriage and his career. They all lean on Sampson for support, but when he receives some devastating news that sends him into an emotional tailspin, Sam reconnects with Jaslyn in a way neither of them ever saw coming, and they must both deal with demons from their past to move forward.

Jaslyn and Sampson try to rebuild and rekindle the love they once shared, yet an old enemy resurfaces and teaches them that love is more than just a feeling-it takes communication, cooperation, and compromise to make a relationship work. Do they have what it takes to make love work, or should they leave the past in the past?

Product Details ISBN: 9780976463429
ISBN-10: 0976463423
Publisher: Tracy J. Cass
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Pages: 330
Language: English