The Champagne Sisterhood: A Family Secrets Novel (Paperback)

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Fifteen years ago four college freshmen formed an unbreakable bond. The Champagne Sisterhood. After a horrifying accident Anna Bartiglioni makes a hasty deathbed promise to one of her friends. Now Anna's life is thrown into a tailspin as she suddenly finds herself the guardian of her friends' small daughter. Mark Lambert never expected he would have to fulfill his role as Godfather to his best friend's daughter. The unexpected death of his friends and the knowledge that Marcia's new guardian is drastically unprepared for her new charge forces him to make the only decision he can, stay involved. Anna's life becomes even more complicated when strange things begin happening at work putting her career at risk at the same time new threats to the safety of her Goddaughter appear. Troubled by a 'truth' her friend never got a chance to tell her, Anna learns the hard way that even sisters can have secrets they never plan to share. Can Anna unravel the secrets in time to protect her new charge? What happens when she discovers that some secrets are best left alone? More about the Author: Love of a good story and frustration with the end of a well known author's romance best seller, drove Chris to pen her own works of romance and fiction. With two novels under her belt, it was yet another best seller romance author's depiction of a broken childhood friendship that spurred Chris to tackle a story of long-lasting friends and a sisterhood of the heart. From New York to San Francisco, the award winning novel The Champagne Sisterhood is Chris' salute to what girl-power and true friendship is all about. And of course, no matter the obstacles, always a happy ever after. What readers are saying about The Champagne Sisterhood... "All for One...and One for All"...The motto that stands for an unbreakable bond between four women, a sisterhood formed during college. When tragedy strikes, the women join forces ready to face the unthinkable. Something they never imagined could happen to any one of them. Anna steps out of her comfort zone to fulfill a promise to her dying friend. Erin and Kat stand by her side to provide their support and unconditional love. Mark's own promises to his best friend have a huge impact on their journey. Together all four manage to overcome and conquer several life altering changes and obstacles that threaten to destroy "life as they know it". Ms. Keniston's storytelling skills shine in this novel. Along with romance, she manages to throw in a bit of suspense that keeps the reader anticipating what happens next. In the end, loose ends are tied up and we get our happily ever after. The author provides an entertaining and "can't put down read" for this particular reader, as well as for fans of contemporary romance. ... Amazon Reviewer.

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ISBN: 9781942561972
ISBN-10: 1942561970
Publisher: Indie House Publishing
Publication Date: May 29th, 2015
Pages: 318
Language: English