Christa Griffin


Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Christa is an MBA graduate who has always had entrepreneurial aspirations since she was a child. Christa aims to inspire, and so she created Daily Mantra for Sis because representation matters. She set her mind out to write this book. She showed you that it was possible, so now you can do it too. God gave her the vision to write this book to promote self-love, growth, and positivity. This is a self-help book. With women being innate nurturing creatures, it’s important to not lose ourselves when life changes and adjustments need to be made. Because change is inevitable, we have to remember who we were before the change occurred. We must learn how to adapt without compromising the things that we value most. We’re no longer living mediocre; no more settling and playing it safe. Start dreaming out loud, manifest the life that you want, and make it happen. There is no limit on your potential, possibilities are endless for each and every one of us. Keep blooming sis, growth looks good on you.