Authors Stephanie Seaton & Rondregus "Mr. U" Underwood Book Launch

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Saturday, August 3, 2024 - 6:00pm
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Stephanie Marie Seaton and Rondregus "Mr. U" Underwood's book release, "Innocence Taken," delves into the poignant story of a young girl and young boy whose innocence was shattered by trauma. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they both embarked on a journey of healing and redemption, ultimately becoming ministers of the gospel. This powerful narrative not only sheds light on their personal struggles but also aims to provide a voice to those whose own experiences of innocence lost have gone unheard and unhealed.

As Stephanie Marie Seaton and Rondregus "Mr. U" Underwood weave a tale of resilience and faith, they invite readers to confront the harsh reality of childhood trauma while showcasing the transformative power of spirituality and inner strength. Through the characters' stories, they emphasize the importance of addressing past wounds and finding healing through faith and community support. "Innocence Taken " serves as a beacon of hope for those who have suffered in silence, offering a message of restoration and empowerment through the lens of faith and redemption.

With this new book collaboration, Stephanie Marie Seaton and Rondregus "Mr. U" Underwood are on a mission of sharing a story that inspires, uplifts, and ignites conversations about the importance of healing from past traumas. "Innocence Taken" is not just a story; it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact of faith in overcoming adversity. Join Stephanie and Rondregus on this transformative journey as they illuminate the path to healing and redemption for all those who have experienced the pain of lost innocence.

Innocence Taken By Rondregus Underwood, Stephanie M. Seaton Cover Image
ISBN: 9798882559839
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Published: Independently Published - July 1st, 2024