Dock Open Mic - featuring Black Noise

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Saturday, August 3, 2024 - 6:00pm
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Welcome to I Cry Over Spilled Ink, a poetic revolution thrumming with thoughtful intentions and a roller coaster of emotion. Real societal issues like mental health stigma, social justice, street life, love and the building of true community are brought to the forefront. Black Noise gives an in-depth view of real-life experiences, showing we all have a role to play in this life and sometimes fighting to put yourself back together again is all we can do. Black Noise has really out done himself with the aesthetics as well as the content of the book. This collection is raw and inviting with images that will surely intensify this journey of reading. This is a piece written for the world. Between the vulnerability exhibited, the power, the love and the fact that you can see the words take shape should be all the reason to open the collection and dive right in.

Eric Smith aka Black Noise
Empowering Voices, Shattering Stereotypes: Black Noise is dedicated to amplifying the diverse stories, experiences, and perspectives of the Black community through the power of spoken word.With tackling subjects such as social justice and mental health. He has created a platform in the DFW area known as Black Noise Open Mic, since February 2020, that still continues to run today in the online community. The Open mic that challenges societal norms, celebrates Black culture, and sparks meaningful dialogue, while inspiring change and fostering unity. Through the rhythmic fusion of words and the raw intensity of his performances, his aim is to break through the noise, redefine boundaries, and give voice to the powerful narratives that have long been silenced. Black noise made a name for himself by performing all over the DFW area. With the privilege of performing at The Historical Dock Bookshop in Fort Worth Texas and The Academy of Black Arts & Letters in Dallas. Black Noise has also been featured at The New Mexico Poetry Summit 2023. Poetry is the catalyst to do greater works in the community through Black Noise Youth Initiative. Which was founded by Black Noise himself. Doing the work to help children in the Milwaukee Public Schools understand the importance of emotional and social learning.The work doesn't stop there. Black Noise has teamed up to create Silence on Fire, a workshop to help foster the growth of other poet's pens.Black Noise journey is a poetic liberation and transformation.Poetry Is His Revolution

I Cry Over Spilled Ink By Eric R. Smith Cover Image
ISBN: 9798985753165
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Published: Black Noise - March 22nd, 2024