In Full Bloom Series


The Wedding Before The Wedding. Author Carla Dulaney was inspired to write this story from a place of creativity but to also include the real life challenges of being women and balancing life as Believers. Some women deal with the challenge of committing to themselves first (more than others) while other women continue to hurt and are not sure how to heal through it. Regardless to our race, spirituality, religion or economic status, we experience hurt the same. We gain strength from one another to press through when we are connected without reservation. How do we balance it all? How do we remind each other that we are still worthy through the process?  Dulaney believes this story reveals that answer; the answer of true “sisterhood”.

Dulaney is super excited about the 2nd Series; the creativity is springing up from the deepest part of the well in herself.

Carla Dulaney, an Author, Teacher,
Creator and Revelational Blogger.  She is an enthusiast about sharing what she sees beyond the mind and equally as enthused about creating stories that
are relatable, spiritual, and graciously entertaining.  She owes the awakening to write, to the years she has spent serving and ministering to the
youth and other women in her hometown of Mobile, Alabama.  Since being in Texas for the past four years she has crossed paths of women who yet remind her that Sisterhood is diverse and it is infinite.  Carla Dulaney is the mother of five and the grandmother of six, all who inspire her to never stop writing.