Hillary Hardin

Mississippi native, Hillary Hardin, shares a life of love, forgiveness, and peace in a journey of understanding and acceptance of God's love through literature and music. Hardin has written a four book series, along with written songs and music to help readers venture into the journey of her life.

Hillary Hardin began writing literature at the age of 7 years old and music  at the age of 10. Hardin a divorced mother of three amazing teenagers, Hannah  Katherine, Meghan and Reaghan. Hardin grew up in Mississippi, but later in adult life relocated to various areas in her journey. 

Hardin is the CEO and Founder of The Whose Heart Mourns Me Foundation, a for-profit organization that mentors children, teens, young adults, and elderly how to cope with traumatic experiences through the arts of music and literature. Hardin also founded, designed, and launched her own health and wellness shoe line, HARE; to promote health and wellness in the community. Hardin, acknowledges her accomplishments in life, by attributing them to her struggles, as they have
led to defined understanding and have led to defined understanding and resolution of how to overcome with resistance to temptation. "

You have to find a place in your heart to be more self aware of what is important and why. Love people and forgive each second of the day. Your choices are not about people, but what you leave behind. No matter how human you are, there is a peace and pure love you have by God's design." Hardin's greatest joy in life was being reared by her belated grandmother Eddie Mae Rutherford and her loving children.


God's Love Is Not Denied By Hillary C. Hardin, James W. Lovelace (Joint Author) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781087926124
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Published: Harlan Honeycutt Series - January 17th, 2013