Kristal Jackson

Hair Care for Pre-Teens and Teens:

In the first book of the Kristalized Kuties series, How to Save Time and
Tangles was created to inspire those with a naturally curly texture to love
and appreciate their hair. Hair appreciation stems from taking the necessary
steps to ensure the health of your hair. We all know that curly hair tends to
tangle and is very time-consuming on wash day. How to Save Time and Tangles
is a step-by-step guide to proper hair care.
Each Kristalized Kutie will learn basic hair skills to help them in their
hair journey. In this book, you will find that each step will walk you
through shampooing, conditioning, detangling, preparing the hair for styling,
and even a nighttime routine.
After reading, you will walk away with all the tools you need to properly
take care of your hair.