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In Full Bloom Series

The Wedding Before The Wedding. Author Carla Dulaney was inspired to write this story from a place of creativity but to also include the real life challenges of being women and balancing life as Believers. Some women deal with the challenge of committing to themselves first (more than others) while other women continue to hurt and are not sure how to heal through it. Regardless to our race, spirituality, religion or economic status, we experience hurt the same. We gain strength from one another to press through when we are connected without reservation.

You Are Loved by Tanya Terry



You Are Loved is an inspiring message to love who you are, dream big, and help others along the way.

About the author

Tanya Terry is a Virginia native, a woman of faith who has a heart for children and family, loves travel and adventure, and simply laughing out loud. She enjoys writing and journaling- with some of her best work inspired from her dreams. Tanya desires that all children know love and reach their full potential.


The Joy of the Disinherited: Essays on Trauma, Oppression, and Black Mental Health...

The Joy of the Disinherited:

Essays on Trauma, Oppression, and Black Mental Health

by Kevin Dedner, MPH

THROUGH HONEST, CAPTIVATING and humane stories of his past and eye-opening research into the effects of racism on mental health, Dedner articulates a call for urgent change: Knocking down the invisible barriers that make it harder for Black people to get the mental health care they need and deserve.

Spirituality and Self-Help with Demetrice Chance

Who is Demetrice Chance?

Philosopher, Author, Thinker from Dallas, TX. Writing Spiritual Self Help books is my field of expertise. In my writing, I promote us all into becoming the best version of ourselves in a Ghetto Gospel type of way. You may see a Rap Verse on one page and a Bible Verse on another page. I have my shortcomings and things I struggle with daily, but I continue to strive for excellence. Strive for excellence within yourself and not the world.

“Defeat Yourself to Defeat Life”


"You''ll Say a Mess, I'll Say a Message: The Chosen One"

'You Say a Mess, I'll Say a Message" is the true story of a woman, who like many others in the world, faced trials and tribulations, but she beat the odds against her by praying and working hard for balance and prosperity. Patricia Davidson gets Vulnerable and shares her story, acknowledging things she once considered shameful, but now important to share with whoever ca learn from her mistakes. From experiencing traumatic violence to being framed with false, now vindicated allegations and more, Davidson has lived through and overcome a series of astonishing events.

"In the Meantime: Own Your Financial Narrative"

Did you know that Black wealth will fall to zero by 2053 unless we do something about it?

Shehara Wooten's In the Meantime: Own Your Financial Narrative highlights people who have succeeded by creating their own definition of financial freedom. Systems exist that have excluded the Black community's ability to achieve wealth. However, despite the challenges, readers can be inspired by the stories of others who have succeeded "in spite of."

Books By LaTica McGhee

LaTica McGhee was born and raised in Omaha Nebraska. She started writing fiction at the young age of 15. Her risqué writing style centers around relationships, sex, drugs and other real life experiences. LaTica self published three books, This Is It, Now or Never & Just Like You. Her first book This Is It is a tantalizing page-turner followed by its sequel Now or Never. Her latest novel, Just Like You, touches on social issues from very unique perspective and is the start of a series. Her stories create immersive experiences to those who read them.