Lighthouse Spotlight

Stephanie Strickland

Stephanie Strickland is a Dallas, Texas native and an up-and-coming author.

Stephanie is a survivor of domestic violence. In her debut book Finding Peace
Within she shares her journey of love and abuse and her triumph over it all.
This is the type of book that needs to be on your bookshelf for the time when
you feel you are stuck and need to find a way. Strickland eloquently exposes
her life. This author demonstrates how living life with self-acceptance and
patience leads to healing.

Hillary Hardin

Mississippi native, Hillary Hardin, shares a life of love, forgiveness, and peace in a journey of understanding and acceptance of God's love through literature and music. Hardin has written a four book series, along with written songs and music to help readers venture into the journey of her life.

Pamuela Halliwell

Pamuela Halliwell grew up in sunny California. As a graduate of University of
California, San Diego, she is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who
has worked with the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, active duty and retired military veteran
community for close to ten years.  As a Black transgender woman, Pamuela
feels compelled to illustrate characters that represent the diversity in the
Black community while also advocating for Black mental health, reducing
stigma, community space, and finding our light to shine through the dark.

Kristal Jackson

Hair Care for Pre-Teens and Teens:

Zenobia Denny

Zenobia Denny is an educator, Math interventionist, mother, and wife. She has a master's degree in Early Childhood Education and pursing her PhD in Educational Psychology. Zenobia has a passion for education and helping all children succeed through fun and engaging literacy. She believes the way to improve math concepts, increase vocabulary, and enhance cognitive skills is through early literacy.

Sharon Jones-Scaife

Sharon Jones-Scaife grew up in Marvell, Arkansas, the fourth of 15 children. As one can imagine, she spent a great deal of time reading to her younger siblings. She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a BA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Sharon Jones-Scaife is the publisher of Teen Graffiti, a magazine that serves as a voice for teens and as an avenue of communication, allowing teens to express their opinions, concerns, and ideas through poetry, essays, articles, and photography.

Kevin Casey (E.Nigma)

E.Nigma is a talented creator specializing in storytelling. He flirts with multiple genres and often leaves his readers yearning for more. All of his books exist in the “enigmaverse”, meaning the story from one book is just a small part of a greater universe. With stories from urban fiction to sci-fi, he has a tale that’s sure to quench your reading thirst.

Susie McMichael

S. McMichael is a Senior Manager of IT, a US Disabled Veteran, a wife and mother. S. McMichael holds a MBA in Aviation, a Graduate Certificate in project management, and a BS in Education. She is a recipient of 2022 Story Monsters First Time Author Award, The Boeing Company CTO Technical Excellence Award, Women of Color in Technology “Rising Star” award, U.S. Air Force Air Traffic Training Achievement Award, and the International William A. Parenteau Memorial Award.

Brandy Wilson

Brandy was born in Landstuhl Germany in 1978 to a military family. She is the 4th child of 6 by Elihue and Linda Garrett. She moved to Texas in 1987 and did not quickly make friends. She learned that she was different, and she decided not to let anyone’s perception of her change how she felt inside. She graduated From James Bowie High School in 1997 and then went on to Tarleton University in Killeen Texas. 

Helen Adeleye

Hi! I’m Helen Adeleye and have worked with various major Beauty brands over the years, as well as owning a Beauty Salon. 
I am a wife, Mother, Medical sonographer, Operations Mgr and Tv Personality for Bankytv, Actor, Esthetician, and Founder & CEO of Helena Adele USA Cosmetics, I have just added a new “feather to my hat” by authoring a book “Expressing True Beauty “