Lighthouse Spotlight

Christa Griffin

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Christa is an MBA graduate who has always had entrepreneurial aspirations since she was a child. Christa aims to inspire, and so she created Daily Mantra for Sis because representation matters. She set her mind out to write this book. She showed you that it was possible, so now you can do it too. God gave her the vision to write this book to promote self-love, growth, and positivity. This is a self-help book. With women being innate nurturing creatures, it’s important to not lose ourselves when life changes and adjustments need to be made.

Shaletha Marshall

With reading "The Things Women Endure," it will describe to you how going on your own path can lead you to destruction and a lot of heartache and pain. But when you get in line with God's will for your life, He will lead and guide you to your purpose. Just know that it will not be an easy journey.

Zion Marshall

This book is about little Jami, a girl whose favorite thing to do is to dance. She loves to dance so much that she knows the different kinds of dances and is pretty good at it too. She also loves to go to church and learn about how to love God more. In this story, she learns that she does not have to practice or learn any movements just to praise God. She just has to use what God has given her in the best way she can.

Helen Benjamin, Jean Johnson.N

A retired community college educator, Helen Benjamin, serves as president of HSV Consulting, Inc., working with dozens of colleges, boards, and CEOs to advance student-centered organizational and leadership improvement. A native of Alexandria, LA, she looks back with pride and appreciation for the life-altering education and support she received from Peabody High School.

In Full Bloom Series

The Wedding Before The Wedding. Author Carla Dulaney was inspired to write this story from a place of creativity but to also include the real life challenges of being women and balancing life as Believers. Some women deal with the challenge of committing to themselves first (more than others) while other women continue to hurt and are not sure how to heal through it. Regardless to our race, spirituality, religion or economic status, we experience hurt the same. We gain strength from one another to press through when we are connected without reservation.

How We Got Over: Growing up in the Segregated South

The Book: How We Got Over: Growing up in the Segregated South

You Are Loved by Tanya Terry



You Are Loved is an inspiring message to love who you are, dream big, and help others along the way.

About the author

Tanya Terry is a Virginia native, a woman of faith who has a heart for children and family, loves travel and adventure, and simply laughing out loud. She enjoys writing and journaling- with some of her best work inspired from her dreams. Tanya desires that all children know love and reach their full potential.


The Joy of the Disinherited: Essays on Trauma, Oppression, and Black Mental Health...

The Joy of the Disinherited:

Essays on Trauma, Oppression, and Black Mental Health

by Kevin Dedner, MPH

THROUGH HONEST, CAPTIVATING and humane stories of his past and eye-opening research into the effects of racism on mental health, Dedner articulates a call for urgent change: Knocking down the invisible barriers that make it harder for Black people to get the mental health care they need and deserve.

Spirituality and Self-Help with Demetrice Chance

Who is Demetrice Chance?

Philosopher, Author, Thinker from Dallas, TX. Writing Spiritual Self Help books is my field of expertise. In my writing, I promote us all into becoming the best version of ourselves in a Ghetto Gospel type of way. You may see a Rap Verse on one page and a Bible Verse on another page. I have my shortcomings and things I struggle with daily, but I continue to strive for excellence. Strive for excellence within yourself and not the world.

“Defeat Yourself to Defeat Life”