Lighthouse Spotlight

Meet Nikki Coe


Nikki Coe is an avid reader who decided to try her hand at writing in 2005.  She is the author of two fiction books, POSTAL BLUES, and RAIN, SNOW, SLEET or HAIL, she is working on the third installment in the series, RETURN TO SENDER which is scheduled for release in late 2020.

Her first non-fiction book, YOU CAN’T BLING IF YOU’RE BROKE, Lessons In Money Matters For Those Beginning Their Financial Futures, was inspired by one of her three children. She refuses to say which one.

Meet Anthony S

I am an author who prides himself with details so that the reader understands the content of the message that is intended. As the narrative flows it keeps you intrigued the entire journey. I am proud to announce the release of my new children's book titled "Paradise and the Pandemic" this is one of two published books of the "Paradise" series. I created the Paradise character to entertain and educate children as well. Virtual learning is difficult for children to adjust because of our new way of life.