Birth Days


Birth Days is a compilation of captivating narratives. Each heartwarming story surrounds a unique birth. Journey through these memorable tales of love, lust, longing, loneliness and triumph. Despite the circumstances around the birth, each is an opportunity to create a beautiful life and to offer special gifts to the world.












About the Author - Carol Massey

After retiring from a 30+ year career in health and education administration, Carol Massey had time to reflect on the people, places and events that influenced and inspired her. She wanted to pay homage to some of the women who guided, nurtured and supported her journey from childhood, through college, career, and life as a single mother of an African American male child. Carol, a California native, now lives in suburban Atlanta with her rescue pup, Ms. Frances.

What readers are saying…

Birth Days is an easy and engaging read! The stories tell about diverse aspects and  challenges that women face. I saw myself and women I love in reading these stories.

Christine S.

I got so caught up reading Birth Days, it was two a.m. but I was determined to find out  what happened to Margaret!

Willard H.

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