A Woman With Visions: The Beginning

Tracie Patton

This book is about the author and her many different encounters with God. In this book she will illustrate some of her experiences in life. It will involve only true stories, that she references them as letters, with only names being changed in a few cases. This book is a spiritually inclined book but easy to read. It outlines some of the very details that we experience in life with some meaning to them. It creates the vision as if you were there in the presence of the author. It has some references used toward the King James Version Holy Bible. But mainly her perceptions as to what her experiences detail. Some of the stories will seem sad, glad and some may even make you mad! It is also to show others that if you've experienced any of these stories you are not the only one. If you have not does not mean you are on the wrong path. It is an informative type of testimonial book that should bring forth seeing and hearing a bit more clearer. Also it should help to act as you may hear a thought, which could be “the voice of the Lord”. After reading you should feel more inclined on what you should do in certain situations. The stories are only to encourage the reader that God has everything in control and it is for his purpose that the author expresses the details and stories that are within this book. There are more to come this is only the Beginning!

About the Author

Tracie Patton M.S., B.S., strives to fulfill what God wants her to reveal to the world. She wants to continue to deliver the word to help and encourage those that are in need. “I want everyone to become greater in knowledge and come to an expertise level of understanding as I write these letters to you I am growing with you. In these letters we will cry, laugh and learn! Stay tuned for more to come and part 2 of “A Woman With Visions”.

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