Ray “The Wealth Builder” Williams


Ray “The Wealth Builder” Williams is a financial educator, mentor, and speaker, and is a favorite for underserve consumers who have a desire to build wealth. Ray specializes in helping underserved consumers escape financial illiteracy, by using simple and easy proven stratgies that provides a road map for finanial success. Ray Williams inspires people to use financial education as a stepping stone to building personal wealth.

Ray Williams (1953-) was born in Fort Worth, Texas. For the past twenty-four years he has been engaged in the consumer finance industry. He previously worked as a mortgage loan officer and a mortgage licensing instructor. Currently he is the Founder and President of Greenway Capital Management; a company that specializes in credit and debt management counseling and training, in addition to real estate investing training and mentoring. He is also the author of U's Rules for Financial Success, and a former financial talk show host.