"You''ll Say a Mess, I'll Say a Message: The Chosen One"


'You Say a Mess, I'll Say a Message" is the true story of a woman, who like many others in the world, faced trials and tribulations, but she beat the odds against her by praying and working hard for balance and prosperity. Patricia Davidson gets Vulnerable and shares her story, acknowledging things she once considered shameful, but now important to share with whoever ca learn from her mistakes. From experiencing traumatic violence to being framed with false, now vindicated allegations and more, Davidson has lived through and overcome a series of astonishing events. Through 'You'll Say a Mess, I'll Say a Message." Davidson shares the details of her life, emotional turmoil, and the tools she used to regain her story.Davidson also shares her story because she understands that her deeply personal and challenging moments let to victories that have made her stronger than ever. She expresses gratitude for her worst days because they make her more appreciative of the good ones. Davidson has learned to take on and approach challenges in stride. As soon as she encounters a challenge, she feels defeated and speechless, but Davidson knows she can't accept failure as a reality. Ultimately, she feels her life events have left her with a testimony to share about the power of prayer and determination.


About Author

Patricia Davidson is Fort Worth, Texas born and Karnack, Texas raised. She is a phlebotomist in a laboratory, a job she enjoys. In addition, she is the Founder and designer as of June 19,2020 of her own clothing brand titled, ” “No Excuses Only Solutions” because she takes pride in the fact that she never made excuses for the things that have happened in her life; she has always found solutions to achieve her goals for herself and her two sons Jayden Scott 14, Branson Amie 9 ,who look to her for guidance and support.

On any given evening, Patricia can be found sitting at her dinner table enjoying a home cooked meal with her sons and most importantly without their cellphones. She understands how modern technology like smartphones could cause a rift in family communication and bonding. Ultimately, she desires that her sons feel as close to each other as she did her siblings. Though she was raised well by a loving single mother, she wants a different kind of household for her children.

Although life has often brought turmoil and tragedy, Patricia strives to be all that she can be while making a difference in the lives of the next generation of children by offering opportunities that she believes every child deserves. She plans to make a difference for children by offering a mentorship program with some of the proceeds from her book.

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No Excuses Only Solutions is a motivational brand that was created by Patricia Davidson. Ms. Davidson released her motivational book which is the autobiography of her life. After completing the book, Ms. Davidson realized she had always found solutions to achieve her goals for herself. And she never made excuses.